Read Poem: Off The Wall, by L.R.Johnson

Losing REM on the TV, coffee table plus toast
All day telephones ringing, bells and drums
In one, out the other, cyber cabled contacts with
Southern Aztec eagles flying on runways built for
Aliens seen before the carrot behind the donkey.
Across Abbey Road painted images of
Hits and runs over pedantic types
Who have never been satisfied with the proof.
Micro-cosmic lights being darkened
By flashing red and white endless seas
of rippling waves never ceasing to crash.
Erasing lighthouse messages going nowhere
In circles, Schopenhauer reads Kant reads
“Denial of the nothing,” is all that exists
Are born again images of handicapped
Persons not winning, but losing confronted with
Climbing the greasy pole, and always slipping back,
never progressing beyond the oblivious search
for paths lost, past X-filed Ink injected
Eyeballs crawling inwards, outwards pulsating
Movement is ice cold ready to burn left over
East winds blowing west causing Californian
Eruptions of subtle proportions, enticing
Thought controlled alcoholics on immoral
Park benches at 8 o clock, timeless, endless
Cans thrown in over filled trash bins, an overspill
Of mindless thoughts from unshaven
Blades of fresh mown grass in shapes and
Angles casting shadows, black and white
Subterranean Homesick Blues.
Dylan’s verses cause a catalyst
Idea of Stalin, Hitler leftovers banging their
Heads on Jerusalem walls beyond the supernatural
Rebounding off barbed wire fences, over and
Out of misunderstanding the Creation, Exodus.
Or reactions to answers without questions.
Closed door exits into black holes that cause
Teardrops to drop on a sandy oasis of Gulf like
Waves create repetitive, borderless frontiers
Adopted by, Warhol called it “Art for Art’s sake,”
Finding limitations of intellect within books
Preaching lager lout behaviour of the
Right to right, left radical beliefs rotating
Between the Spectrum crossed
Only be decisions, dictated by emotions.
On the Street Car called Destiny twixt
A church and Pie and Mash shop.
Reliance on the mobile phone to order sanity
Or a Kentucky Fried Chicken at McDonalds
Where Hitler ordered Burger and Chips before
His troops decided to go east, not west
Preferring Chekhov to Dylan Thomas
Then he gassed 12 million Jews.
Within walls that ears and eyes
That tell the story of God’s children
Leading us back to anthropological ancestors.
Painting pictures sold for millions at Christies,
Or was it Harrods Egyptian Pharaohs, British
Imperial history, where queens lost their heads
As Henry sung the National Anthem praising
Our heritage, as long as it’s ours, not theirs
In incommunicado at Wembley, whistles and boo’s
Muddy Waters singing the Blues, beyond the
Final frontier in cyberspace forever.
Beam me up Scotty, on my knees
In the direction of Allah beyond the sun.
Outer limits, a distant dimension
Giving proof of Aliens, but denying Millet’s
The Miller, only seen in Vincent van Gogh.
Visited by a spaceship, which landed on
Runways designed by our ancestors, and
Engraved in the sands of time that drip slowly
Through the egg-times cavity, reaching
Stonehenge, the end of the beginning
To Druid visions of Velvet Underground
The walked on the wild side with
Heidegger, Freud, and the rest go
Into your minds, and the Niagara Falls
No return, no end, just a spinning ball
Ultimately it is very; OFF THE WALL!


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