Read Poem: ONE STEP AT A TIME, by Keturah C. Martin

*Dedicated to all Survivors of abuse.

One step at a time in this darkest of night,
While writhing in anguish when nothing seems right,
Though life’s richest treasures seemed ruined and destroyed
I must forge ahead and dark pitfalls avoid.

The night is so long and the pain is untold-
If only, midst tears, I some hand could now hold –
A friend to walk with me, one step at a time,
Who understands some of the anguish and grime.

How can I e’en dare to move one step ahead,
When all of my world seems more heavy than lead;
When jeopardy looms, and moves in from all sides-
Oh, just for a friend, who with me still abides.

I long to feel safe and all hidden from view
From those who have harmed and emotions have slew-
My heart-broken pieces of life to conceal,
That by Grace Divine, I perhaps may then heal.

Midst pain so intense that it hurts ev’ry breath,
When each step I take, it seems closer to death:
Yet I must move forward one breath at a time:
For God has preserved me midst dark abuse crime!

“Dear soul, take fresh courage and dare to move on:
For ‘round the next bend there approaches your dawn;
Your life has been salvaged: for great is your worth-
There’s hope, help and healing beyond this dark dearth!”

Keturah C. Martin

Author: poetryfest

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