Read Poem: Caught Up In Me, by Georgia Blagrove

I, I, I, Me, Me, Me. Like doe re me, I am focused on only me.

If I don’t get pleasure then me has to leave for sure.

If I am not doing me then I need to see my way somewhere to be free.

Like a lion surveying the plain for its prey, so do I search for my next way.

I feel good, I look good, I am comfortable with unique me.

I sensually stretch with no inhibition for the plain is mine to maneuver.

I am reshaping the box of my mind, this part of my life currently is a wrinkle in time.

There are other dimensions of me to explore.

I am strong enough to endure, to overcome, to fail and get back up.

If I don’t explore, I have so much to loose – my peace of mind, joy, fulfillment, happiness….

I want laughter to be a smile away. A drone like 9-5 state is not conducive to this.

Acceptance of mediocracy is not suppose to be me.

I will not allow the betrayals and injustice to me change me to a lesser version of me!

It is no longer about me pleasing everyone.

It is now a conscious effort on my part to look out for my fulfillment and push my agenda.

I am thankful for the same betrayal/challenges that has plagued me which has helped propelled me to this point to actually take action.

This is where I’ve gotten stuck in the past. What is different now? What will make me take action?

My desperation? Yes, my desperation for I am at the point of shutting down. But..

But, the defibrillator call fulfillment has rejuvenated and jolted me, yes me, to get up and scream.



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