O my lovely Soul
Give me my last life memory
Get my last life relations
Put my things in order. O My Soul //

O Dear Soul, show me, Where I was
O Dear, show me where my people are
O Soul, You Knew Well All These Things
I Know, You’ll get my memory //

O Soul, Tell me, How did you leave me?
My Dear, You can’t hide the Truth
Tell me, What transpired you to leave me
My Lovely Soul, You know these things well //

I am struggling for memory
Am worried about my old people
Want to meet all my people now
O My Soul, give me my lost memory //

I don’t know, what the life is
Life looks to be miserable for some
Life looks to be enjoyable for some
I don’t know, where I fit in this life //

I am alone in this World
Don’t know where my family is
What the life means for alone life
Leading the life alone has no meaning in life //

Life is like a Rose Flower
Rose Flower reach the God’s Feet
My Prayers touch the feet of the God
A day is sure to reach the Heavenly abode //

What is this life in this zig-zag World
Life is live with hurdles in the life
Can’t know the destiny where my life to go
Adventurous life leads the life to the destiny //

A man needs class and mass
Needs shelter and water
Needs education and income
A woman needs good hubby with character //

Lovely Nature needs green farms and water falls
Nature needs birds and animals
Nature needs life and pleasantness
The Universe has all elements of life //

The life has hardships and bottlenecks
The family has troubles and problems
The couple has quarrels and understanding
The surname has all these ingredients //

Don’t leave me My Dear Soul
O My Soul, You’re me
My Dear Soul, Me You are
O Soul, I and You are life in this World //

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