Read Poem: What causes you pain but brings the greatest pleasure?, by Aysha Harris

I keep falling for these false allegations. Mistaking fucking for love making. God told me this is what I get for my impatience, for looking for love in these late night cravings. So he introduced me to my Saten. I should’ve known but how could I? When everything I hoped and prayed in, he came in. He was smooth like pavement. And boy he was my worst nightmare and greatest pleasure in the making. Thought no one would get passed my caged heart but he slipped in. I won’t forget how he did it, asking all these deep explicit questions trying to unleash my inner demons. He knew my biggest fears and deepest secrets. We talked about our exes and quite the messes they made. Told him how my ex gave others a home where I was suppose to lay. And he was heated saying how he couldn’t believe it and how I deserve much better treatment and how he would be that nigga. I fell deep in, he kept me on a high that kept me feenin. Never thought I would be this woman when it came to a man got so weakened. And I was so intertwined so it was always less of me and more of him so, I would ignore the signs when even my friends showed me proof that he was cheating. Only willing to accept the love I was given. Still had the screenshots in my hand, still tryna find the truth in all the bullshit you saying. Oblivious I didn’t realize you had a knife until I started bleeding. And I still refused to see the truth until I seen her carrying your seed and what happened to her just being a fuck and wasted semen or that I’m the only one you seeing? I should’ve known again that the devil never comes with good intentions. It was red flags how i didn’t see them? It’s starting to make sense .. How I could never see your phone not even to just play a song and how I could never come to your home you must not really be there alone and don’t you wish you had previews so you could really see how they move? Then I came to the conclusion, You was never praying with me but was preying on me and Stay tuned for part two.

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