Read Poem: Feminine Plight, by Kamilah Glover

Have eyes that have cried seen God or pain?

Why must the appearance of emotion seem so insane?

And over time

Do the scars on your skin show affliction or a story?

Why does growing seem so gory?

And what of the stretch marks on your bosom belly or backside?

Have you been crucified for your imperfections or praised for what has stretched you on the inside?

You know

Wombs carry wounds

Each month we shed blood for the sake of preservation

And we hold blood for mankind’s creation.

It’s sad how our strengths are perceived as weaknesses

How our tears are signs of distress rather than joy

And our beauty is defined in flawless appearance

Rather than honored for its everlasting changes

The strength it carries throughout the ages.

The wears and tears

We wear it well.

Women are essential pieces of the broken pieces of this tattered specie of mammal called humans

As protons are to a nucleus

Our uniqueness is a vital part of our existence.

Treat us as more than just property.

Author: poetryfest

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