Read Poem: …And We Die, by Stacey Ishag

Revolution is led by the young
The battle of oppression is near.
Freedom bells have rung
We’ve suppressed our fear.

and we die… as you observe and meet
and they die… while you drag your feet

The world watches our blood,
as it flows through the streets.
Politicians clean their hands,
with our defeat.

and we die… while you negotiate peace
and they die… by the hands of our own police
This suffrage for toleration has come too far to unwind.
Seems like a no win situation,
unless you emancipate your mind.

and we die… while you sit and debate
and they die… watching their women raped

The struggle against tyranny will continue,
until our dreams are realized.
My town, your village, whatever the venue,
our liberation mustn’t be compromised.

and we die… to be honored by the freed
and we’ve died… martyrs
our last breath singing nasheed


revolution war redemption oppression political freedom society rhyme

Author: poetryfest

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