Read Poem: The Spectrum by Joshua S. Kulah

This is the order we all learn in early childhood
Him, others, then self; that was ingrained in Sunday school

We saw it in our favorite heroes; from Batman to Robin Hood

Even “mama” told us that being inconsiderate to others wasn’t cool
Then we thought we’d grown up and did not have to care

We joined the rebellion and wore our hearts under our sleeves with no fear

Changed our perspective and saw no order, but we always knew before everything else was The One

And then the rebellion became a facade and a jackpot of too much care was found
Giving that much care to anyone wasn’t a problem

Finding a one who would want or appreciate that much was the struggle

We didn’t really pay attention to metrics, we just wanted to be a part of something bigger than ourselves

To form that team, a channel for emotions and a bond so solemn

Countless moments of lust, excitement and hurt slowly burst our bubbles

Till we reached the discovery of our philosophers’ stone where we asked: Why don’t we, instead, love ourselves?
Thanks to “loving lips that convince you you’re enough, Small smiles that make you forget to turn off the lights”

In those droplets of enlightenment, we saw our vulnerabilities; our elaborate masks.

Since, we questioned the pillars of our formation:

Why do we have to put every other thing first? Why so little emphasis on “self”?

No one else goes through my tolls other than I… what’s wrong with being a little selfish when I need my own?
“Love thy self, first” became the mantra.

We rotated our foundation doctrine totally opposite: self, other, then Him.

And our position was justified… First, there is always God regardless of us.

Second, our world is full of too much hate and everyone is out to gut us.

All out favorite heroes are filled with flaws: Batman never showed his face, and Robin was a thief.

Who then will be there when we can’t be our own heroes and stand for ourselves?
If I said your story ended, that would mean we are all dead…

So now, let me tell you what I think:

What if we’ve seen it wrong the whole time?

I think God is an essential part of what makes me, Me.

The fact that He’s unfailingly present helps me cope with a world that’s ever changing

And being selfless, to some extent, is key to being the best me I can be.

But self love is the holy grail when it comes to surviving all life’s dealings

Because how can I love God and others when I don’t understand how to love me?

So, I put myself first sometimes, cuz that’s the only way I know how to stay afloat when I’m drowning.

I’m my own knight in shiny armor cuz I’ve learned that only me can, always & every time, save me.
Point is, all the while we’ve got it wrong.

Everything on the scale is just as important.

And like an object viewed from different angles we see different perspectives.

But it has always been a scale on a spectrum.

We run from different extremes chasing the calm.

And that peace is only found in creating that equilibrium.

Accepting our flaws help us see that nothing is ever static for long enough.

While chasing our dreams, let’s keep the equilibrium in perspective.

Wherever we are in life is on that scale…

So it only takes a movement to even the odds.

Author: poetryfest

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