Read Poem: A Certain Infinity In Brevit by Christopher Kenneth Hanson

You knew as I knew;
The deep red balloons that blew via hazy cloud
Filled skies, struck inept via our deepest lullabies

You knew as I knew, of the birds which flew
Throughout the aged yew trees, and stellar

Abatement of the skies, reigning in their deathly ilkOf
lost candidates gone dry. Balloons will pop, and pop they
May through the winds & showers of April and into
The realms of times forgotten.

Thus, relinquish me not –
And forbid me no warm welcome- for you knew as I knew
When the tables will turn
When the doors shall be perceptibly perceived

A stoned parchment to alleviate the guilt
The dearest notion of this wielder’s split persona now

You knew as I knew
And yet we fought & warred
Once we passed
Each other through the gates of hell

he’ll be forlorn & castigated
they whom smelt us for spliffs
Worn to the airs
Which do not dare imprint

Thus,relinquish me notAnd
forbade me no warm welcome
You knew as I knew
And yet you knew me seldom-.

Author: poetryfest

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