Read Poem: We Live Here by Jacqueline Jewell

Let us try to understand what we do not,

Let us try to see what we cannot see,

A different footstep, a different life,

An exchange of perspective of he and she, you to me, them to we, and they to us.

This is another unjust walk back in history.

Why we really hate remains a mystery, but nevertheless,

We are overzealous about war,

Quick to shut our doors,

To the hijab-wearing women,

To the Allah-praying beings,

Denying refuge to those who are fleeting.

The underdog is the abandoned dog, stripped of human kindness,

What’s left?

The headstones of the graves that bear the Jewish names?

To oppress that notion that we are all the same?

The Margaret Fullers who did’t live fuller because that sex was assumed inferior.

The interior of a country predicated on the idea we could be free,

he free to love him,

she free to love her,

her free to be a him,

him free to be a her,

Their characters free to be judged,

Not their religion,

Not their decisions,

Not their sex,



Family complexities,

Not based on where they’re from.

Haven’t we’ve always known all along,

that hatred is wrong?

Walk in his bare feet,

that drag amongst the cold concrete,

Amongst the homeless who don’t feed,

Amongst the servents of tyranny who bleed,

Those in need but cannot get ahead no matter what they do.

Opportunities are limited,

People look at you different,

Fear what they cannot envision,

Peace, peace within us all,

To be White and love a Black man like a brother,

To be a man and love a woman like his mother,

To walk the footsteps of the other,

To join hands and claim our land,

To stand together,

Forever and ever…

Let us try to understand.

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