Read Poem: She sat quietly by L.J. Valente

She sat quietly
a vision not quite heavenly
ragged through the world she’d been through
but her beauty was still there too
a heart hurt and alone but still new
tired from the battles and the dragons she slew
along the way and the scars that came
hadn’t mattered much the same
still she sat there quietly
waiting for the world to end entirely
but with one cup of coffee
she might just regain her energy
and out again to the world she would be
in the corner sat he
not seen by she but he saw her
and watched with fervor
seeing not the pain
nor what he might gain
just seeing her
and not knowing what for
trying hard to catch her eye
how hard did he try
but she did not turn
and something inside him started to burn
talk to her he felt he must
his soul lost in trust
so up to her he went
against all he knew was leant
tell me girl I see you might cry but thought I would just try
to make you smile one time
just to ease my mind
she turned to look
it was easier than her night took
what sir did you have in mind
for being just so kind
he took a step back
as like he was under attack
oh sweet girl you don’t know
and no need to show
but a gentle shoulder to cry
should you wish to try
don’t wish for anything more
know only what I might be good for
her eyes returned to her drink
as both began to think
such a gentle moment
as it went
from heaven she started to think
as she was left on the brink
but could he be real
doubt she began to feel
this he could see
but could not have it left as be
I am not looking for much
certainly not looking only for a touch
just a heart left alone
looking for a home
saw you sitting here
and felt you needed a little care
fear not about me
I am what you see
I know I think I know
and a chance to love I don’t want to blow
but you must see
that there is such a risk for me
from her coffee she did not look
and as he stood he just shook
my dear as I am still here
that might just make my intentions clear
then up she did come
a face not seen by some
a slight smile
apprehensive all the while
but still
and it took all his will
to look back at her
to see her there
he saw her pure
and knew he was sure

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