Read Poem: U’re pretty by Lamar Johnson

You are beautiful.
Models and concubines bow their heads where you walk,
Flowers wilt, and die, knowing and recognizing their ugliness.
The Seas part – they are not worthy of touching you.
The Clouds encompass the sky, smothering all in grey
but leaving a hole, an aperture of the Sun open
only to follow you around;
Just like a spotlight.
Men and Women alike kill themselves for you
understanding that there is no sight to be found greater afterwards;
No wedding, no childbirth, no love
is capable of comparing.
Children cry, scream, and shit themselves;
They regret not being born to you
and curse their inferior genetics.
The Moon no longer reflects the Sun
and instead reflects your image
a thousand times as bright.
Trees turn into paper
words spontaneously appearing
all written in your name;
A thousand times a thousand chants
that the Air reads and sings.
The Fish have moved to the abyssal zone
for they too, know they are ugly
and bemoan the Light for showing it.
Your hair is finer than the finest silk
they are not even comparable.
Your skin is softer than the softest down
and the Birds have all shed their feathers
in the vainglorious hope that you will rest on them;
A gift they do not deserve
and so you do not give it.
The Earth recognizes it’s ugliness
so you float a foot above
the ground unworthy of your bare foot.
Frost coats the tips of your hair;
Fire burns on your bare chest –
The Elements are infatuated
but know you are out of reach.

Gods of all Religions offered you their seat;
You knew ugly worshippers would have ugly prayers,
and declined the Presidents for the same reason
(but you’ve been elected Lord in all lands
and God of the Free World).

Poets, Artists, and all Creators alike go blind,
go mad, comprehending nothing, seeing nothing
capable of matching you.
You have enslaved our minds.
You are Beautiful.

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