Read Poem: Girls Will Be Girls by KayBeeMapes

You can call it cliche baby.
Turn your face up and frown,
Cover your face and giggle as I make my way down, you’re apprehensive yet intrigued which basically means.. lay Down. Part your knees. Lips say “no”. Eyes say “please”. Another kiss they fall open inviting me in, and I understand you don’t want this attention from your best friend but
What’s the harm if you just look away? Can’t see my face when you put your palms back in their place and move those panties out the way.
I’m diving in best friend .
First kiss taste like nectar, second kiss taste like pleasure , softly moaned “no’s ” but you keep getting wetter and,
Now you NEED to finish desperate times desperate measures
And though I’ve fantasized forever can’t believe we’re doing this together.
Never thought I’d find the X that marks the treasure.

Girls like girls sometimes and that’s the bottom line.
You don’t have to be ashamed. You don’t have to tell no one I come at night and make it rain with no clouds in the sky,
That we twist one up, vibe , part our thighs and finish at the same time from time to time.
That’s my best friend.
So tight I feel you squeeze my finger like a diamond when I slip in. Perfect size.
And we don’t worry about your guy because he’s thinking we’re at brunch.
Not knowing I choose to eat you for our lunch dates.
When you’ve had some mimosas and get a little flirty, wearing high heals and short skirts cause you know it does it for me.
You secretly flaunt it knowing I secretly want it. Watching from the sidelines and its taunting.
The sway of your thick hips got me wanting your thick lips pressed against my thick lips and its haunting.

Show me what you’re made of best friend expose your soul to me, then let me clean it with my lips. Perversions taking control of me and all I’m thinking is I want you to POUR on me best friend.
Let it happen.
Let my teeth sink into your forbidden apple for the garden wouldn’t be poisoned if it were women to begin with
Cut the shit .
Don’t make me beg for it, whatever happened to open-mindedness?
And not letting labels be the thing people defines us with?

List your excuses while I creep up from behind and just let lust be the guide to find my way between your thighs.
It’s only right to know your best friend outside and inside, tell me I’m right.
Give in.
Give up.
Then we can call it a night, all it takes is a little trust.
Apprehensive yet intrigued, a simple task a simple thing. I just want the one thing you won’t share with me.
Come on and not care with me, go bare with me, sit on my lap and let’s explore for clarity.
I know what to do SINCERELY to get you off, so lose the clothes girl take it off, its making sense, don’t take the loss.
Take the nut instead.
Not that big a deal its just a little head for my best friend.
Apprehension morphs to tension as she readys herself for an act that can’t be forgiven, she says my name as if I’ve been missing from her wildest dreams.
Bad girls. Bad fantasies. That makes us do sweet things like the acts that we exchange.
She taste like relief, and I taste like her peace. waters running down my lips, chin, and cheeks and she needs it with the stress of her work weeks.
Got her all wound up, the tide is tough but I won’t give up, instead I buckle down, pulling her hips closer to my face there’s no stopping now, as she looks down she can’t even care now, she needs me here where I am and I watch her lips say “I’m cumming best friend.”
That’s my best friend.


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