Read Poem: THE COLD HOUSE by Fadrian Bartley

The sun is down and the moon comes up
Reflecting through
These white silky curtains
Blowing in the winds
The night creatures screech
With owls of cuckoo
Rest on tree branches, brushing againt the window glasses from outside

Pitch black with the bright eyes
Of a cat below the palms tree
Sitting on an old rugged grave
With the sparks of lightening’s illuminate
The environment
Fearfully I quickly close the window
Alone inside, The shallow confinement

Accompanied with nothing
Except Madonna’s and mannequins
With ghastly appearance
Surrounded with antique items
Of old fashion state
The cold windy night
Expressing the silence, Within the lonely house of fright

Like a hollowed ground with an obscure presence
And intense feel of ghastly subsidence
This lifeless place
Where no lights seem to trace
Tangled with fear
And no company to share
My weary eyes burn resisting to sleep
Afraid of the dark, as it gives me the creeps

All these empty rooms
Only one remain with an open door
Slowly I enter, but theres blood on the floor
No bodies were found
Except footsteps traces the ground
I follow the trace, down the darkest basement
With sweaty palms, And a heart beat I could hear it echoes within my ears

Slowly I walk down the dusty steps of fear
And saw a dreadful form of terror
Which still remain unclear
Intensely, the immense feel of horrific trance
Surround my presence
From behind the door slams
Frighteningly it echoes from a distance

Screaming, Screaming
Running all around
These voices, voices
And the roof repels with cracks
The windows glasses shattered in pieces
But swiftly through the front door with a blow to the head
I escape that which seems to be something from the dead

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