Read Poem: NOBODY by DeonteWilliams25

My mama always tell me life never gets too hard where you cant help nobody, im talking like where the streets get to foggy and you cant see nobody, where you see a perfect girl but ignore her because you don’t see no body, do you know what it feel like to be a ghost just want to be the center of attention, like a skeleton you here but you aint really there, when you feeling like your in everybody face but life aint about no skin care, do you ever wish you can talk to the sky and it talk back, people can tell you how it look but don’t know how it is to be black, sometimes you get into a place where you aint you but its good to be back, watch what you say because to many donalds trumps can be facts, you ever look in the mirror just to see nothing, nobody here to talk so you had to bleed from it, tears falling down so much that they turning into leaves, watch who you get close with because they fade away like febreze, when these kids looking up to some nobody’s so they turn to the streets, when you got a church on every corner starting to make more money then a real bank, when love and your heart take you as a joke and see you as a prank, while rich people laughing to the bank, they seeing the rest of us work to be a nobody, im just trying to live happy and die smooth, life go punch you in the chess but ima bounce back shout out to terry cruise, and I learned how to take a W, when I lose, no matter how many teachers can teach you, you only learn when you choose, kendrick wasnt lieing when he said it achohol in these pools, we drinking our souls away until we can find somebody, what do you do when you question life but life dont answer nobody, its those small phone calls that keep us all in the touch, because a 6 foot hole aint the last time im trying to wake you up, see life is a bump, we all a jump away from making it out, but we all stand on different knees, but yet people are still afraid to stand it out, trying to keep myself together but duck tape can’t fix whats on the inside, my whole life I been trying to get a hole in one but life still can’t save you on a disc drive, but shout to those people who got on the turf and start running, i got people 6 feet in the ground who started to question the government, while we trying to protect ourselves from the police, they on some other shit, they trying to see how many bodies they can catch before society make them throw an under pitch, see everybody want to have the privilege of being white but acting black, that shit is crack, the N word been used soo much, we have to start doing blood drives just so we can take it back, no voice can tell you how how it is to be a zombie looking for life, walking to the end of the tunnel scratching for light, just to be remind that you’re a nobody.

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