Read Poem: To My Daughter by Angie Diaz-Cervo

To my daughter, you are a Princess and you will evolve into a Queen.

Be yourself.

“Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating you.”

The only person that can stop you from achieving your goals and dreams is you.

Never let somebody tell you that you can not do this or that. For example, if the person says “you can not buy this car”.

Love yourself a little bit more than you love your husband.

Do not let other people tell you who you are.

It is not about anybody else, you count.

The future is a print out of what you do today, therefore, do something today.

Make sure you have the money in the Italian culture the money they gave you at the wedding is yours to keep as her money and add a little amount to it every month. It is not to buy a house or a car or waste on shopping. People are people.

“You should build a team of trusted advisors, but never give up control to anyone — whether it’s your spouse, your advisor or your friend who’s really smart about money.” Liz Weston

Concerning relationship

In order for you to have a healthy relationship in the

Beginning asks, “What are your relationship needs?”

“What do you need from me?”

A lover is any fighter who believes her desires are shared by the world.

If you behave like a lover with things, you will have an unusual power over them.

You have a boy energy and a girl energy, therefore use your boy energy to make millions of dollars and save the world. Take yourself out to a concert, a show, dinner or even a movie.

Your vulnerability is your potential.

Marriage dies when one play terrorist attack against the other.

What happens when he tells you that he loves war? Run as fast as you can and do not go back.

Feel that people are somehow a part of you and something else happens: you become greater than you are individual.

You win a war “by making it everyone is not yours alone.” What happens when he is charismatic and everyone loves him, still maintain your identity?

Do not set your heart on love, your pleasure, your career you will regret it.

Poor decisions are made when people do not think clearly or do not know how not to react.

Base your decisions on careful thinking, not on the emotions of the moment.

Impulsive decisions are making leads to severe complications.

Put yourself in check.

Accept praise

Always have a plan

Keep the plan close to you

Keep people that support you

Do not give people the benefit of the doubt.

Require more from people

Deal with the truth

Play Big

“Spend times with God before you go to war.”

Luke 6: 27

Jesus says love your enemies, loving our enemies means acting in their best interests. We can pray for them and we think of ways to help them.

Being in the business of losing arguments and win relationships.

Apologizing draws people closer unless the person is not in the right spirit.

You do not need everyone to like you, just be loyal to God, He’ll take of everything.

Jesus did not use the word of God to attack the devil that is only 1/3. He used it to maintain the victory He already had.

Love means action.

Submit to your husband is attractive. What happens when he does not love you the way God said to love you?

What happens when he is overly protective of his children and his family?

Move on without him

Don’t stop praying when you are in a desert.

Be available for your husband, even when you do not feel like it.

One way to put love to work is to take the initiative in meeting specific needs.

A forgiving spirit demonstrates that a person has received God’s forgiveness.

“Whenever you want something in your life, do it for someone else.”

Make sure you are following the best teachers and leaders because you will go no farther than they do.

We often rationalize our sins by pointing out the same mistakes in others.

Never give your opinion to teens or adults unless they ask.

Let your children pick or follow their paths, remember God has a bigger purpose for them.

“Be concern about “does your life matter down here, and are you a blessing to others?”

Try to promote justice, finding cures, developing agricultures and spreading the wealth.

If you have one good friend in life, you are lucky. You do not need ten.

She came to the conclusion that the way a man treats his car, his pets, his mom and you will know how he is going to treat you.

If he keeps his car clean and maintains that is how he will treat you.

If he does not clean his car and maintenance on the car, he will do the same to you.

If he’s obsessed with his car and other items that the way he feels about you. Does he take his dog for a walk? Does he feed the dog? Does he clean the dog? Does he appreciate the person that takes cares of his dog?

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