Read Poem: The Spiderman by Paul Wood

My neighbour was a strange man
He kept himself to himself
I saw him once in the garden
We talked across the fence

I couldn’t see him properly
He hid himself amongst the shadows
There was something strange about him
He had many eyes, legs and elbows

He spoke really eloquently
And wheezed while he conversed
This was the first time I had met him
My strange neighbour all grungy and cursed

“My name is Spiderman
I am an arachnid friend or foe
I don’t get out much at all these days
And live here all alone”

We spoke for ages that morning
About politics and food and wine
He told me all his favourite dishes
Which sounded rich, exotic and divine

“Come for dinner”, said Spiderman
“Come at half past five,
I will bake you some tasty cakes
And make you a special pie”

His strange expression did not falter
As he stared into my eyes
His grin revealed disbelieving teeth
His mouth spouted a stream of lies

“That would be really lovely”
In hindsight I was a little naive
He smiled as he slowly retracted
Into an unusual hammock he had weaved

I came to his house that evening
In my best suite and tie
The front door was already open
As I went in, the door shut firmly behind

I was conscious of music, the walls echoed it’s sound
Of a classical masterpiece a familiar stirring symphony
The needle it popped and jumped and scratched
Melodically filling the air of a hideous stench of sympathy

A voice from the end of the hall
Quietly hissed it’s demands
I headed through the last door on the right
I couldn’t resist It’s demanding charm

“Come in, come in, don’t be so shy
The table is already set
A place for one, is just as much fun”
It was a decision I was soon to regret

The room was dimly lit
With wax spilt candles of varying size
The walls adorned a shade of red
I didn’t recognise

It was un-inviting with little furniture to fill
I noticed everything was encased in dust
Other than a table, a chair, a leather couch and mirror
There was a strange and powerful odorous musk.

I sat down in his dining room
I sensed that he was near
I could see him lurking in the shadows
It was all becoming frighteningly clear

“Are you not joining me?”
I nervously enquired
“Oh yes of course” said the Spider-Man
As he poured me out a glass of wine

He danced weirdly about the room
His many limbs moving poetically across the floor
Using items of furniture to pirouette and duck and bow
Until I he stopped at a large wall mirror

“I find the aggression of each instrument, played till fingers bled,
An erotic addition to my dangerous thoughts,
It makes me aroused to what I plan to devour”
Said Spiderman to his partial reflection in the mirror.

There was no cutlery on the table
No plates of fresh baked cakes
I was all alone inside his house
I sensed a huge mistake

Before I had a chance to move
He wrapped around his legs
In my ear he whispered “don’t you struggle my pretty”
As he softly kissed my head

I trembled with fear and loathing
I was hypnotized under his spell
Around me he quickly spun his silky thread
And licked my eyeball jell

His thread became tighter and tighter
I was unable to move
I screamed at him “let me go you beast”
As he darted around the room

The Spiderman laughed hysterically
I was bound up in a webbed cocoon
I was at his mercy
Licking his lips he slowly picked up a huge spoon.

His legs darted out into the blackness
As he held onto me once again
He said, “ I invited you round for dinner’
“But I feel I need to explain”

“The cakes I never cooked
But I did say I would make you a pie
You are my lovely ingredients
It’s time to say goodbye”

He spooned out my brain juice, nibbled on my legs
And mashed up my heart and liver
He sucked on my bones until he was full
And finished me off with a stomach churning liquor

It was all too late for me I am afraid
But for your own safety you must always consider
Never ever visit the Spiderman’s house alone
If he decides to invite you round for dinner.


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