Read Poem: An Enchanted Tale, by Crouching Dragon

The daffodils are blooming, their scent it fills the air, the bees are busy buzzing around, the sound is a fanfare.

The dragonflies are darting, dynamic blue and green, all across this part of earth it truly sets a scene.

I gaze towards the woodland, a sight that’s to behold, amazing carpets of purpley blue, cover every mound and fold.

The bluebells are amazing, imagine their delicate ring, the fairies are rejoicing, and I can hear them sing.

Somewhere in the distance, I can vaguely hear, the chuckling of children, and then….walks by a deer.

It’s time for procreation, for animals around, the birds are flirtily singing, oh what a heavenly sound.

I move on to the ocean with sun rays shining down, it looks as if a thousand stars, last night had fallen down.

The children I did mention, but a short time before, are innocently blowing bubbles, on a rock beside the shore.

I see some feisty mermaids, on the horizon in a haze, but what I witness next, puts me into a daze.

Half a dozen bubbles float across my path, and from one of these bubbles, I’m sure I heard a laugh.

And then right there before me, just like a crystal ball, a bubble popped quite suddenly, and out from it did fall.

Two rainbow fairies who then, spread their fairy wings, as they flew back quite flighty, to toadstool fairy rings.

Oh Nature’s so amazing, if you just open your eyes, from unicorns and dragons, to castles in the skies.

With open heart, you can see all this, just lighten up and look, it’s oh so real, not fairytales that you read in a book.

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