Read Poem: Homeless, by Stayce DeRamus-Avery

We have too many homeless Americans
Roaming the streets eating out of garbage cans.
Stable people think THEY can be better than panhandlers.
Do you do ANYTHING to help them live by your standards?
As most comments made, “They can get a job!”
Only one to rob if there is no handout.
Don’t you have to have identification to be a part of our civilization?
To get that, do you not need an address of a residence?
How do you better yourself without having this?
Seems the teams of our Government should be smart enough to cover it.
Grasped me to believe this cycle they conceived to leave them hungry, homeless, naked and grieved.
So we can TITHE and pay others bills and dues
Or we can choose to be hands on, projecting these clues.
Breaking news… Good people come in homeless form too.
One thing that strikes me as funny is how people think God recognizes money.
Money is the root of all evil BUT… In God we trust.
For this is a must if you want to eat.
I was raised to believe we are all equal
If nothing changes soon, beware of the sequel.

Author: poetryfest

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