Read Poem: Two Steps Back, by Giwewhegbe, A Uvie

In a steep dive in the valley of history
I am reminded of two fellows
Bonded in mystery
Time made us friends, so kind were they
To a child of my age
Mama let them take care of us
She let them often to the house
I guess it was a case of trust in tribe
But their relationship was not defiled
Honest men they were, living in a baker’s den
Till one day out of nowhere, in the conclaves of their abode
Some woman came screaming their names saying they stole
No one heard their voices as it appears that people roared
They were ruffled and torn
As it appears that people were hungry to devour
“cut off their heads!” “thieves! thieves!! thieves!!!”
Dragged out of the baker’s den
They were pulled with tires on their head
Some man prepared two poles
And yelled “put them up let’s make a show!”
The pole seemed like a better idea as the sun will shine on their faces
And other “thieves” will see
That the cruelty of mankind goes beyond you and me
There they were, with blood spurting every where
Tied to poles quite lost to the unknown
And like a head on a spike on fire
Was the people’s desire
Until heaven’s intervention in their moment of tears and mention
Of the divine intercession
Was a police intervention and a sudden revelation
That the stolen bag mentioned was taken by the woman’s relation


Author: poetryfest

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