Read Poem: UGLY FACE, by William Farmer

Everywhere I go

I see your ugly face

Every state every place

The enemy gives you a space

You’re an image in my mind

I can’t erase

You seek to curse my life

And cause disgrace

Nothing is pure

Because of you

Everything is laced

As soon as I turn the door knob

I walk in and see you at the job

You cause some people to kill and rob

This life ain’t normal

I feel like I’m going against the mob

I live in a world

Infatuated with thighs and hips

To survive we carry extended clips

We’re segregated by race

Gangs bloods and crips

You can die in an argument or over a bag of chips

Jealousy is growing

Rest in peace Nip

How far did we get from slave ships and whips?

We try to clean it up

But it’s too many tears and rips

Streets ain’t wet from rain

It’s the blood that drips

Like a scratched CD

It repeats and skips

People dead with a heart beat

And venomous lips

We mad at the shooters

But some of the victims ain’t innocent

Some of the victims were cruel and ignorant

Every act of violence ain’t random or by coincidence

Today is the day

When danger knows no consequence

And death and danger are becoming more and more imminent

I see your face at the grocery store

I see you with the rich

I see you with the poor

LA traffic, I see you even more

Worthless souls, they treat you less than a quarter

Welcome to McDonalds

They take your orders

They don’t give you service with a smile

They give you service that’ll put you on trial

Mean and nasty is the new style

Your ugly face has been here

For quite a while

No matter how far I travel

I see your face

Mile after mile

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