Read Poem: A Message From The Last Unicorn, by Gloria Hudson

It was I… (she spoke from within)
Charmed and enlightened
Strength and pose
Beautiful and fierce
But, a tender soul.

To be a unicorn was…
Mysterious to some
I spoke like a human
But, all of a sudden
They all wanted my horn
As their trophy…
A metal…
The cup which held great treasures
There was…
None so great in any kingdom
I possessed
I suppose.

Until they killed
My son, my daughter
And husband and parents
I was content and happy
They killed us all…

We once…
Lived side by side
In harmony;
I would often sit by the rivers bank
And tell of tales far in advance.

They all assumed it was my horn
That gave me the power to speak
To tell of such tales
In great detail…
But, it wasn’t
No, not really

They assumed it was my horn
Because, it was different from all others
And had such beauty.

But, to get my horn
That held little to none
Of the power they thought it possessed
That had to bring me down.

Like all the rest…
To my knees
To cry
A stab in my body,
“As anyone else,
I bleed!”

I thought to myself,
“This is not right!”

But, then…
I was too weak to explain
As I’m sure, my family failed
The same as I did;
Too weak to tell them.

And, then when I was at weakest point
They stripped my horn right from my head!

“What joy it was to disbelieve;
I was actually happy to see them try
To activate a power the horn did not bare.”

I at my brink of death..
Still I watched…
As they beat my horn and said incarnations over it,
Bared it from inside, ate and drank from it…

How could they not know…
My power never came from my horn
It was gifted only deep within me.

I know many of you…
Are looking at the next best thing,

Since I am gone away.

And, perhaps it will bring the power…
The people here; want today.

Remember with great power,
Comes great responsibility.

Who I was not much like you in form
But, yet able to do something’s that you do.
You looked at me with lust of the power I held inside;
And wanted me like a child wanting it’s grand prize.

The power I held; I held with love.
But, you…
You did not see me as meat
You needed me not to eat
Nor that of my blood as dripped,
Sinking into the ground, you did not care…

No, you wanted my grace,
My fierceness, my voice, my head,
My soul as a prize possession,
You wanted most of all was my strength and my power…
To say the things that only I could say.

But your lack of knowledge…
Left you…

Empty handed.

No power in my horn
My meat
Nor my blood
The power was in my spirit…
And, that was the one thing you couldn’t harness then…
And, still can’t harness today!

Fools as you were
Open your eyes
What gifts that are granted to one
Can’t be transferred to another…
Unless you let it be…
As it was designed.

You killed us all
So, what we could of told you…
The truth!

You took and then, you paid the cost
Because greed…
Eat you up inside
Until you destroyed
All that you really loved…
And, you did not even blink your eyes,
As we all died!

Do not make the same mistakes again…
Only once my dearest friend
Listen for the memories
That come from long ago
And listen to truth…
Not the lies other men tell…
I am just one of the memories…
Locked inside;
Today, only once…
Do I speak…
And, I’m not certain whom will hear
And listen or believe!

But, look around at all the world has in it
Animals, trees, green grass,
Rivers and springs and remember…
When you lift your hand wanting power…
That only one holds.

To speak to me…
Like days of old…
Remember; there is good and bad does exist…
You have to listen contently or the trivial signals you will miss!

And, you once again; will try to kill the one-you needed the most-
Perhaps you have changed…

But, if you had; I wouldn’t be here to explain…

Speaking through centuries of torn and ripped veins
To tell the truth
You must not fail this time
You must listen with your heart
Not your head that tells you lies
You listened to it before
And look I and mine are no more!

So, my message…

Here today-
Is don’t play with gifts that aren’t yours to bare, don’t take!

Instead remember me-by your side-
It’s written in your DNA; that I was good…

And good to you until, you caused a war and killed us all.

Now; faced with the new decisions;
You must not make the same mistake!

You must hear with your hearts!
Your souls, even!
You must try!

But, realize what is coming-isn’t a fly by night-
You will be confused…

You will…

Want to cry.

The powers be that are to come…
One is good, just like me.
One is evil and only your heart can determine.

But, if greed is what you seek,
You’ve seen that it overcome you…

You must lay it down now,
In order to see…
What is good…
What is not!

Listen to me…
As, I speak from beyond the great divide
But, I speak from a place that still lives in your insides!
Make your choice carefully…
(Fading softly)
She said…
Goodbye, until we meet again on the other side!

(C) Gloria Hudson 2020

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