Read Poem: TAKE ME BACK TO WHEN, by Syed Mashiat Hussain

Take me back to when,
I was a baby sliding down the stairs on my ass and it left bruises,
I was a little boy finding toys in the backseat every time I took cruises,
I was a competitive little shit that laughed every time the other team loses,
I was the first in line and got whatever dad picks and chooses.

My mother use to hold me close and make me laugh with just a touch on my neck,
My sister and I use to fight to watch Hannah Montana but everyone else preferred Shrek.
My brother always got hit on the face with the ball and I laughed till I pissed my pants,
My childish mind use to feel like the giant in jack and the beanstalk because I use to play with ants.

There was no worry in my head and I could draw across the walls and then sit in the naughty chair,
There was no weight on my shoulders and I could do as I please without the slightest bit of care,
There was ice cream vans in every corner and you wouldn’t miss a day without getting a cone,
There was nursery rhymes like humpty dumpty and nick knack paddy whack give your dog a bone.

I was a kid trying to be Spiderman by climbing every building, every wall, every tree,
I was a kid trying to be friends with every frog bin, every ladybird, every bee,
I was a weird kid trying to lick the ink of every colour, every type, every pen,
I was a tree in the school play bringing laughter to every teacher, every parent, every friend,
I was a child wishing to grow up so I could tell that child to,

Take me to back then

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