Read Poem: Unseen Enemy, by Andrew Smith

They say it came from Wuhan,
This microscopic disease,
Like a raging fire it covered the globe,
Bringing countries to their knees,
I wonder if this is a warning,
To the stupidity of man,
As we play God with nature,
And things we don’t understand.

A microscopic enemy,
Unseen to the human eye,
Is this Nature’s cull of the human race,
As people begin to die?
We cannot kill it with guns and bombs,
This is nature’s terror campaign,
And it’s sending a message to the human race,
Think your actions through again!

So we’re bunkered down,
In houses and flats,
Afraid to leave our homes,
Isolated and terrified,
Our contact is through the telephone,
The streets are like a ghost town,
Empty highways, empty roads,
The tiniest thing on the planet,
Is striking fear wherever it goes.

But the human race is fighting back,
In its war with this unseen foe,
People are pulling together,
And the death toll begins to slow,
But it’ll be a long hard struggle,
Though we’ll get there I am sure,
And we’ll beat this invisible enemy,
Together we’ll win this war.

So hang on in there my valiant friends,
Let’s all do what we can,
Let’s raise the flag of the human race,
Each woman, child and man,
For we shall emerge victorious,
The fight back has just begun,
And we’ll not rest or falter,
Until this battle has been won!

©️Alan Faraway Poetry March 2020

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