Read Poem: Answer meets question, by Carissa Putriziandra Finneren

You asked me a question.
What do I love?
How can I answer this
As if
What I love exists outside of me
Internally I feel a sunrise3
Every time I open my eyes
Light grows through time
Lids close and the sun sets
Into many lands of the same name
Its here I swim in Your seas
Reconstructed memories
Rare moments of lucidity
Fluidity in specks of stars imploding
Movie after movie
Sometimes it moves me
Other times it leaves me
With a feeling
That I can’t quite explain
Or the question,
“what in the world was that all about? Meh, who cares?”

It’s the kind of love that you haven’t been waiting for
Because you’ve been too busy living through it
Breathing through it
Working reworking It as if you think you have a hold on it
Sometimes you can’t even sit because it’s so strong
Stepping closer to that
Unable to truly reach this
Because your hands grasp for something that is invisible
Yet ALL around you
Flowing through you
Oh! Its blocked.
Hah! Now it’s unblocked.

The kind of love that you don’t ask “more” from
Give me more?
Because everything is enough
All is enough
It’s what was really needed

So you ask “what do you love?”
I think the answer folds itself into the question
In all forms
Actually visible too
Extending over norms
Lies that have revealed truths
Your eyes
Freedom to decide
Because this life is a ride
So hold on but not too tight
Family, friends, sunshine, good wine
Pen paper time alone
But never really
Music, art, nature
Scientific mystic
Don’t be so realistic that you missed it

Mind to mind
Body to body
Heart to heart
Taste after taste of
Grounded spices simmered for paste
Kunyit, bawang putih, cengkeh being gently firmly grinded on stone

It’s all written on there
Our destinies
Revealing itself through epiphanies
Whispers of Your mystery
Showing clearly
That Love is not meant for me
Hiding from me
Nor punishing me
It is me

But not all the time

Sometimes the doors are closed
Even though it holds heavens

In those moments I accept
Another layer
Feeling how love exists within each one
So again you ask “what do you love?”
Again I reply,
The answer folds itself into the question

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