Mother Earth Resists, by Lisa Makarchuk

For money, for greed
We’re encouraged to dig
So we fracked
And we hacked
And we burned
We cracked her veneers
Penetrated her shades,
Her shrouds and her veils
Destroyed many valleys
Killed her trees, animals
Birds, and the bees
Excavated and gouged
Piercing her rocky armours
Unfreezing her innards
Tunneling thru her veins
Hollowing out her lodes
Mining her richness
Hidden for eons
Exposing delicate rhythms
As we unearthed and raped
While stalking her body
Destroying her balance.

She stormed in protest
with warnings to change our ways
exposed us to
scorching heat
weather extremes
devastating tornadoes
overwhelming gales.
She turned down her covers
bared lands into deserts
released plagues upon us.
Is it markets or life?
That is our choice.
The tipping point has arrived
Have you chosen your side?


Author: poetryfest

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