Marina Dymchenko Lily In The Darkness, by Marina Dymchenko

A peaceful Lily in the darkness
Was looking up to big bright Moon
Whose light so cold and calm and harmless
Was making Lily almost swoon.

It bathed in it, it awed, admired
Until a random someone asked:
“Are you not even little tired
That with that Moon you’re noticed last?

That no one looks under the feet
When beauty is so high above,
And do you think you really need
To stay down there and wait for love?

The Lily did not frown or fret,
It looked around and softly said:
“I am not here to be compared,
I am not here to fight or please,
My light is there to be shared,
To softly flow in silent peace,
I don’t need anyone to notice
How hard or not it is to grow,

I’m NOT ALONE creating all this,
For it’s Moon’s light that makes me glow.”
The lesson is – we’re all in this together,
And each of us has our path and pace,
We’re meant to thrive, not ask how, why, or whether,
To shine our light in OWN perfect ways.

Author: poetryfest

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