Today I Walked In The Rain, by Kaya Nicole

Today I walked in the rain

Felt the cool water hit me as I released all the worries of the days before

I let go and didn’t have a care in the world.

In that moment I was free to be myself in the purest form possible.

What a blessing it was to walk down the streets unnoticed by all.

Smelling the flowers that are for sale at the little flower shop on the corner.

Seeing all the delicious pastries in the display window outside of the bakery that has the best chocolate cake.

And watching all the people rushing to their next destination while letting the beauty of life pass them by

My heart aches for the joy they are missing out on.

As the rain pours over me, the ache decreases as I see my favorite couple.

The old gentleman that looks to be no more than 50, but is really in his 70’s.

He’s holding the umbrella for his wife who just happens to be his high school sweetheart.

They walk unhurriedly up the street for their weekly date at the bistro he proposed to her at all those years ago.

Once again my heart is filled with love.

So much love that I stand there and smile.

Caught in my moment, I missed my name being called.

Your touch on my shoulder brings me back to reality.

The smile on your face says that you already knew I’d be drenched.

You learned years ago my love of the rain and walking in it.

Out of your bag, You produce a towel for me to dry off some

Before pulling me in the crook of your arm ignoring my wet clothes.

We walk home under the umbrella just like the old couple and my spirit is content.

Today I walked in the rain and in the rain I found peace…

Author: poetryfest

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