POETRY Reading: The Outskirts of Psychosis, by Divinia Reynolds

Performed by Allison Kampf

The Outskirts of Psychosis
By Divinia Reynolds

Upon the outskirts of the psychosis
They swirl up high, then swim subconscious, low:
Thoughts mill around like robust vivid fish,
But who can tell where each of them will go?

Man thinks: It’s strange- this thing we call ‘Today’.
Just as he meets the fork upon the road.
Ahead is traffic on its noiseless way
And trucks adrift like minds with heavy loads.

Like otherworldly dim decoration,
Like thoughts he can’t ever recall again,
Life fades like he’s just missed the occasion,
In alien worlds like this on hidden plains.

Remembering his escort, Man now talks
With less assurance than his first babbles
And as the two pursue this aching walk
His brother is perplexed by his mumbles

Man’s.Telling. Him
The. Bus. Numbers
Are. Written. Wrong
They’re. Back. To. Front
A. Different. Language…
They’re. All. Wrong

…He. Doesn’t. Understand.


For now, there’s so much Man can’t comprehend
Of One who waits to catch him when he falls.
He’s crumbling deep inside- he can’t pretend
And sensing he’s about to lose it all
But not that all’s restored by just one Friend:
Man’s eye can’t see nor Man’s ear hear His Call

This is a moment that together Man
And his new Friend in time come to transcend.
Yes, God can save a searching, crashing Man
Just when he feels he’s reached the very end.
The only thing I ask is that the actor/narrator notes the intention of the rhythm and punctuation and if the person producing the video decides the image of a person is shown saying the words of the poem, that the person looks at the camera as appropriate.


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