Stand up and be counted, by Erica Donaldson-Ellison

Just because
you say that:
‘It has to be
like that.’
Approved, without conscience
Driven by: uneducated criticism
and stereotypical non consensual nonsense.
A single dissenter
can still rise
Blooming, from the crowd
And, say

The chatter of group compliance
simmers gently, without a spill
but,a lone ingredient
may yet spark a quicker bubble.
It unexpectedly .spurts
a volcanic lava
making a small trail.

Like the person, who
demonstratively argues
their cause.
Stands and brings attention
And, says

Moved by the need
To right, a wrong
Disgust, peaked by
witnessed exchanges
of a bullies attempt to dominate
a ‘weaker person’.
I say

To team sly glances
highlighting an
underlying group aversion
to an individuals
I say

Upright. Tall.
Against, sneering grins
smeared across
grinning lips.
Authoritatively, I protest
And say

walk on.
With my own
Leading the way.


Author: poetryfest

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