Enough wanderer, by Melissa Chaconas

father of our country ill fated
disgraced to be civilian
go lay in a rustic bed
of a poor king- abandoned by
the powerless-
buy- touching

He loved the toil of making
this true again 4 how many
more years

tree-trunk officers- hollow hands
full length misery of situations
gone beyond help
make 4 good donuts,
bBig tears 4 men without utility belts
“Do to you ask the peace from me 4 those
whose lives were taken by the cast of Mars”

Where are the warrior girls who
also debate w/any?
dances as she turns to
shoot the aim of armless
one-breasted bows
formulated from
of lost cities
intermitted with
blazing lamenting
wordless weapons


“Dawn at that hour
brought on her kindly light
for ill mankind,
arousing men to labor & distress”

morning kind light
made her that hour
what cab in can she animate
the action before sexually waken up
the action that sways men to wages and physical trouble in search of evening satisfactory- its unforunate that mankind
can not be without reference to sex
at what hour will her light look at the beginning?

This old-timely body of
underneath gloom
un foundation in men
hurled swine
herd death in commandeered positions
heated up the stove
but no reaped-up climax
the hope- trembles in same
the queen entreaties
the mounds of
trust-faithly hounds
the palpable eyes-
the inner enjoined scepter
we say him trying to lay
tendering our gifts but
with a war- father in gripped
rough hands
“what happened to disturb your
quiet life?”
Dominance in Greeks is our
strange taste that
often lends to exile
others don’t hear

what makes the
royal mildew groan
and roar/
cloaked in mothballs


Author: poetryfest

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