Loving amidst the tragedy around, by Shruti Singh

I got covered everything in between the blanket and my favourite bedsheet.
Those journals that got tons of words,
Of separation and attachment
And love and war.
So every night in bed,
I wipe my tears off my face,
That had been settled there all day long,
Smudging my mascara,
And turning my eyes
Into a dragon’s fire breath.
They have many beauty and tragedies,
To gaze upon
But end up looking at your still picture.
You caught my attention everytime,
I was looking for peace outside
Or for ways to start revolution
To bring change in the world,
As if you were the soul
With all those beauty and
Tragedies at the same time.
I find my heart bringing love words for you
From all the corners where they were kept
Safe for long time,
But it brings a feeling of guilt too,
It isn’t of loving you,
But instead accepting my love
At the time, when people all around
Are losing their life, their loved one’s life,
I pity on myself,
Of getting love birds sing to me,
And longing to read Shakespearan romance
When all around the world
Manto’s words are flying.
No, don’t confuse it with a love poem.
I want to write about them,
Whose lips are dried without food
And water for so many days, that
Now they don’t even mind eating
Meat that isn’t meant for them.
But see my lines are too into
Your lip colour,
That they don’t find the metaphor
For those pale, abandoned
And trembling lips.
These poem long for
Every line of your hand,
That they don’t accept it
When I write about those tiny hands
That were playing
With the corpse of her dead mother,
Unaware that she won’t wake up
From the bed she is in now,
Maybe she has find her peace
Amidst all the chaos,
But left her child alone
In this scroching heat,
Not of the weather, but of people’s heart.
A love revolution isn’t the only
The poets are meant to bring, right !
But see my poem crave for love
And its tragedy, so much so,
That even the burning world
Can’t stop my pen from writing you.
Because if not in reality, at least
In imaginations and poems,
You are with me looking at the miseries
Crying together,
You, for the world and I for you,
But no, this isn’t a love poem,
Instead a poem of
Loving with tragedies around…

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