Read Poem: The Road Not Taken, by Stuti Saxena Singh

Poem inspired by true event of my life..


Once upon a time,
there stand by,
excruciating rhyme.
My body,soul and mind,
were in grief stage,
Out of all available,
scenarios and situations,
What to elect? and Why?
created a whole lot perplextion.
Past summers were the days,
Mid of March, April and May(s).
Mind got stucked,
Hands got cuffed,
Legs got freezed,
Gravity of emotions for ,
severly ill”Mother”,
Over …
Duty of 6month,
old kid “Mother”,
got seized.
Poignant were those days,
Pendulum like oscillations,
for doctors opinions ,
were our ways.
Trail taken gave satisfaction,
reflected with optimistic dispersion.
Leaning on my word,
Mom admitted in native hospital.
My dialogue with doctors,
were utterly digital .
As days crawled by,
Mom’s health began to scatter,
Flicker of faith began to falter.
Nephrologist said kidneys,
will gradually recover.
Cardiologist said,her heart,
needs artificial pacemaker.
Off all the unfortunate
Cardiac events,
alternate dyalsis,and
life support supplements,
Got shifted twice out of ventilator,
She survived as a real warrior.
Interimly a sign of relief.
Thought “The Road Taken”,
was full of boomy leaf.
But negligence of medic staff,
flex the situation intense grief.
was main cause in brief .
Recklessness was at ledge,
As… if…
Inhumanity was at pledge.
Simultaneous Pacemaker Insertion,
aided lately by bronchoscopic examination was conducted.
Seems like hopeful recovery of maa was completely abducted.
Elevated bacterial infection in blood
due to aspiration was dotted.
“Oh!!!! What do I say dear custodians”,
Pacemaker implanted is also not working.
“Gone in comma” was the last quoted.
“Oh well!! Still we can refer her to
higher center of your choice!!”
was forcibly suggested …
Why ????Oh!!!Good Lord,
Well experienced cardiologists
were not consulted..
Oh in painful grief, I shouted,
Why???? treatment in native
place was selected.
Why?? Oh Lord !!!
The road selected turned
so devastated.
Loosing you Oh Maa!!
Was this fate,,,
really destinated??
Was this the outlay of,
“so called divine ”
heedless inhumane,
dexterity trusted ??
Embraced with grievous infelicity,
I shriked…
Lost my strength forever,
As of erroneous path Opted….


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