Read Poem: Floydian Slip, by Preethy Nair

When the umbilical became a discord
I opened my eyes to this world
Everything was about me
Everyone was around me.
Mother, do you think the world is better than your womb?

That indelible age in school
Faded into solitude
Hurtful words were spoken with laughter
Bullying was a sign of power
Mother, do you think I can erase those scars?

Love, i was told, is finding a soulmate
Sensing what i need, without having to ask
Pure acceptance of all my flaws
And of all my secrets
Mother, do you think one other person is everything in my life?

Success was defined seeing myself ahead of my peers
Putting on a mask of acceptance
Concealing my true self
I raced for appreciation, money and titles.
Mother, do you think there is a finish line in this race?

I wanted to be a writer, they said there were too many writers
I wanted to be a nomad, they said i should settle down
I wanted to be careless, they forced me a mortgage
I wanted to be free, I was caged by the fear of missing out
Mother, do you think i can escape the jails of materialism ?

Hush now baby, hush, baby, don’t you cry
Don’t cry over your past for it has gone
Love yourself and know that you are enough
It matters not that you are the tortoise in the race
May you never be perfect for life is not perfect

Hush now baby, hush, baby, don’t you cry
For you already are a writer, writing your own life!


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