Read Poetry: VOTERS, WAKE UP!, by Edmund Melig Industan

(Oh, yes!)

A blot of an ink on a boxed paper board;
A wedge of that mouse that runs as a bow;
An effort from us with hope that it would…
Better the globe, change rotting world.

(And we know that…)

One year plus three, a term to behold.
Wrote on the board what’s good for the world.
Dropped in a box and off we then go…
Each one’s routine; then, hope that duty done
Will one day translate to what we were told.

Be awake! Don’t you sleep. Hey!
There’s a guy, working thief.Hey
Purging votes…orders it. Hey!
Orange turd…inmate turf. Hey!
Actively, let’s be part
Of the process, for we have
Democracy to keep.

(Please remember that…)

Leaders of the pack are ordinary men.
They have the will and dyadic swell.
Off flow the “good” when platform bestowed.
Soon bad would flow if no one would crow.

(So be vigilant and…)

Soar to the world; see how they perform.
First year overflowed with peaches and cream.
Following months, served with decaying fruits…
Good to the cronies; bad to those weren’t reached
With the magic wand of the elected.

It is “them” to be blamed? Hey!
You’ve put laurels on them! Hey
Trusting them; then, you dreamed. Hey!
Be awake! Words and actions haven’t matched;
Then, we cried for a failed task!

(And then…)

We mustered the disgruntled; we marched to the streets.
To the leaders, we’re roaches to be quashed and contained.
We joined forces to startle and threaten…
Wishing for more strength; but, alas! ‘Twas hard to gain.

(And achtung!)

Chaos started all around. Hey!
Goons were here, everywhere. Hey!
Infiltrators were also here. Hey!
Molotovs were in the air!


Many of us raised our hands up.
Others showed thumbs for the lame.
The herd disoriented! Others jumped off! Some were maimed.
Those voices so strong before. Now, just whispers of dying men.

(But hey!)

Not the end yet, full term’s here.
Everyone’s life so dear.

(And so…)

Let’s cast our vote wisely this time.
Mark those names who have brains and brawns for the country
And morals pleasing to God and not just a show off to men!

Edmund Melig Industan
Las Vegas, NV


Author: poetryfest

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