Read Poem: Dark Forest by Gladys W. Muturi

Fifteen years of age
Five years ago
I walked alone at the Stewartstown Park
Little, did I know I’m not supposed to go to the dark forest
I mind my business until I met Him
Met him, twenty years of age
Five years ago
Came out of nowhere hypnotizing me with his smoky eyes and a glittering crooked smile
He spoke with me with charm
Telling me to go to the Dark Forest with him
A dark, mysterious forest
I shook my head and said “No.”
I don’t want to go to the Dark Forest
Where demons demonizing me and animals feeding my flesh
He had tricks to show me he said
What tricks?
A magic trick that will make me disappear like a Houdini Act
or a Kaladesh trick
I went into the forest with him
It wasn’t the trick I thought it would be.
He kept grasping and pushing to me the ground
He pulled my legs apart by force and spread them
Showing off my parts
Trying to put my legs between mines
I tried to scream but I couldn’t
He covers my mouth with his filthy hand
Covering my breath hole so I don’t say a word
I should’ve listened to my guts
Maybe none of this wouldn’t happen
He took it hard on me
Stripping’ me down
Putting’ his hand down inside my underpants Allowing a grown man to touch I’m better off dead than living
What can you do?
You’re young
It’s your fault
Now here I am
I stay in the Dark Forest waiting to be torture again
Or animals watch me than feeding on my flesh
Here I am in the dark forest I stay with my tears
Shedding down through my warm cheeks
Looking up at the grey sky waiting for the rain to fall
Please let the rainfall on this dark, gloomy forest
So I can feel the rain feel my pain
And hear my cry
Are they my comforts?
My comfort to keep me safe in the dark forest
Washing away the blood of my legs
Draining the tears off my eyes
Flooding the whole darkest forest to a tropical rainforest
Rain falls hard in this dark cold forest
I stay in the rain letting the rain be my tears
Yet again I have no fear
I touch every raindrop at the palm of hands wondering if God is crying with me
He knows my pain
He sees my pain
He knows I’m in the dark forest crying my eyes out
Hurt and abused
The rain stops.
Does he know?
Looking back now
Fifteen years of age
Five years ago
Fast forward
No justice made for my pain, my suffering, and my innocence


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