Read Poem: PRESS ON!, by JasMarie

Press On!

God won’t let these tears fall from my eyes .

No matter how much I want to fucking break down and cry.

Just wanna better myself and give my son the world

But damn ! I’m just one fucking girl

I know I ain’t the 1st single mom out there

I know there’s people that have it worst off then me

I’m just tryna take care of business

But this fucking devil keeps pushing me

Most of the time I feel alone

Most of the time I’m all on my own

But I try not to let it show

Damn how much more can I take though?

I haven’t turned to drugs,didn’t want the easy way out

But in the back of my mind , should I try it out

Pop a pill,
Drink away the pain
Drown in my sorrow


Who else can I blame?

No matter how dark these thoughts are I know I can’t do that ,

I love my son and I know I gotta be the BEST I can be , for him


for ME!

I won’t let the bad outweigh me

I’m WAY to strong

So I’ll continue to be strong and Press on!


Author: poetryfest

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