Read Poem: Isolating A Muse, by Ungroovygords

Butterflies & Hurricanes,
Paradoxes forgotten to mythology,
Lovers stuck in their ways,
Closure of relevant applied psychology.
Opposite forces mending conceptual sprits,
They serve as sources confining a vacuum of righteousness,
Ominous attractions display conjunctions of kinesis,
Bone marrow validity other than what is considered spineless.

Touch of the handle of the metaphorical door,
Breaking down framework enters the madman,
Wondering about all sides of what to stand for,
Captures those who have an open attention span.
Alter ego reflections to smoke on,
Rumination towards, a torch and a light,
An exchange of a sender and receiver under automation,
Specific greymatter between the duality of black and white.

Throwing cautions to the wind,
Targets of structure are locked in positions,
Alive, humbled when being skinned,
Objectivity locates truths aligned in non-broken traditions.’
Composition processes in dance,
Determining to not fix what is inherently complete,
Doubt is putting faith in circumstance,
You will know when touch executed is bittersweet.

“The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited.” – Stephen King, Bag of Bones


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