Read Poem: BLOOD AND SAND, by Jacob Black

Poem by: Jacob Black, Genre: Historical Fiction.


I and my tribe were from the land of Gaul,

but on account of the Romans, my people did fall.

They took our children, our old and sold them as slaves,

They raped all of our wives and then they put them in graves.

I tried to defend my wife with all of my might, but the Romans fought dirty, they never fought a fair fight.

They crowded me and then knocked me out before I had a chance to finish the bout.

I woke up in a rusty cage, and in my heart, I felt nothing but rage.

I yelled and screamed to be let out of my hold until I found out that I was sold.

I was bought and brought to the Colosseum In Rome, It’s foundations built upon blood and bone.

They pushed me into the arena and put a sword, a shield in my hands.

I was about to fight on the blood-soaked sands.

Out of a large iron gate came three different gladiatorial men.

The Murmillo, The Retiarius and the Thraex Thracian.

The crowd, the massive audience for them began to cheer.

While they booed at me and threw rocks at me to cause me doubt and fear.

But I gripped my sword, my shield, and held them tight. I wasn’t ready to back down from any fight.

I attacked the Thraex Thracian with the two curved blades first.

He made me bleed but I made him bleed out the worst.

With my sword, I beheaded him with a sideways slash.

His headless body collapsed to the earth with a crash.

My name was chanted and roared from the crowd, but for killing a man I wasn’t proud.

Next to attack me was the Retiarius with his trident and net.

He was fast and strong, you could bet.

He was a highly-skilled fighter, his net wrapped around my shield, so I yanked it tighter.

I pulled him towards me with all of my might, making him fall and roll to the right.

With my sword I lunged through the air, he lunged toward me with his three-pronged spear. I just barely missed his killing blow, but I cut him hard and deep, his blood did flow.

The Murmillo was next to attack. He was on me every step of the way, he gave me no slack.

He carried with him a short sword, a large shield. With them, he expertly knew how to wield.

He smashed his shield right across my face. From his brutal blow, I tried to brace.

But I fell crashing to the sandy ground, the Murmillo now on top of me started to pound.

He punched and kicked me as hard as he could, so slamming my shield on his toes, I made him fall where he stood.

I then picked up my sword, about to slash at his head, but he countered cutting my chest deep, the wound bled and bled.

I disarmed him, he disarmed me. We both fought for life, we both fought to be free.

The crowd was now cheering louder than ever before, they knew this wasn’t just a battle, that this fight was a war.

We fought back and forth for over an hour, punching and kicking with all of our power.

We were covered in scratches, covered in blood, the blood-stained sand had turned into mud.

The Murmillo choked me with his powerfully-built arms. so I put them both in a hold to his alarm.

I broke both of them with a snap, in anger, in pain, he head-butted me hard with a whap.

I shook my head in a daze to shake off the dizzy phase. Once my head was all clear, I noticed on his face was sorrow and fear.

I grabbed my sword, but I couldn’t drive it through the Murmillo’s heart. All of this killing inside of me was ripping me apart.

I’ve become nothing more than a beast. I don’t want the Romans exploiting me as they grow rich on me and feast. So I threw down my sword in defiance to the state.

To their cruelty, bloodshed, to all of their rape.

The Roman Emperor yelled to his men from his throne, that my flesh was to be flayed from every bone.

Twenty soldiers with swords and whips came through the Arena’s iron gate.

And in their eyes, I saw nothing but cruelty, contempt, and hate.

They surrounded me on every side, but I wasn’t going to run and hide.

I would give the Romans all the pain that they gave to me.

They need to be shown that every man, woman, and child has the right to be safe and free.

We are not animals to be bought and sold, our lives shouldn’t be bought for silver or for gold.

I picked up mine and the Murmillo’s blade. Then through the Romans, I slashed and slayed.

But too many surrounded me on each side. As they lashed their whips at me, in pain I cried.

Once I was on the ground, they really began to beat me down. But I kept rising up and hitting them back, But they kept up with their vicious attack.

As they run me through with their blades. I yell IF YOU DON’T STAND UP TO INJUSTICE AND TYRANNY FREEDOM DIES AND FADES!!!!!


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