Read Poem: DAY 50~God bless Mr Floyd, by Michael Bedol


Today is Day fifty and it’s only about one..Let’s talk about the injustice upon Mr Floyd that has been done..While screaming I can’t breathe..Makes a sworn officer press harder on his neck with his knee..I am neither Latino Asian Black or White..I’m simply human..and this murder is not right..On the ground he layed..helpless while handcuffed pleading for his life..this is only met with more force..As he paid with his life..An officer of the law..Didn’t care how many people saw..It’s time to stop this senseless crime..Nobody will ever win..If only judged. by the color of ones skin..To the family of Mr Floyd..Let us hope justice is served..For he deserves nothing less..And to all in your well as Mr Floyd..God bless..A sickening way for Day 50 to come in and then be done..Next up is Day 51….


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