Read Poem: 45 Days to Go for #45!, by Marjorie J. Frazier

So, we only have forty-five days left to go,
To get out of this awful “Trump” rabbit-hole!
Still – a long, treacherous “month-and-a-half”,
As the country gets scorched in his “dragon-blazing-path”!

He lays back plotting, avenging and scheming,
As he spins democracy out-of-control and careening;
Scheduling heinous executions for lifers on “the Row”,
While attacking his own party when they tell him to “let go”!

Collecting precious donations from an unwitting base,
Pocketing it in his own coiffeurs – the man’s a disgrace!
Planning preemptive pardons for his family and friends,
When will his fake reality show and narcissistic acts ever end?

Stone, Flynn and Giuliani keep fueling the fire,
While Mike Pence continues “singing with the choir”!
Sean Hannity steadily coaxes him behind the scenes,
As LeBron James, and other netizens, mock him with memes!

Well, families and bank accounts are far beyond stressed,
Businesses and government are completely perplexed,
Doctors and nurses are exhausted and tired,
We just can’t wait until this guy gets FIRED!!

While Congress is stalled on a weak COVID Relief,
That makes you wanna ask, “Where exactly is the ‘BEEF’?”
It’s like passing through the dirtiest and grittiest sawmill,
Then up a steep, rocky climb to the “Grim Reaper” McConnell.

But, soon, all the dirty deeds and insane directives,
Will be thoroughly discredited like college electives.
The nightmarish “okey doke” will finally be uncovered,
And democracy will no longer be strangled or smothered.

But a bump in the road will be the Georgia run-off:
In the Democrats’ corner we have Warnock and Ossoff;
Facing fact-challenged Trumpsters – Loeffler and Perdue.
Makes you wonder, “Just what else will Trump do?”

Yes, just forty-five grueling days left,
For this self-absorbed, so-called “president”.
Some of you may be disappointed and bereft,
But the MAJORITY of us want to quickly FORGET!

Even once he’s finally removed from office,
We still have to remain vigilant and super-cautious,
Because he knows things won’t quite be the same –
Can you say: “New York Attorney General – Leticia James!”

45 Days to Go!!


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