Read Poem: ArliKino, Joker…. harlequin, by Yuliya Andreevna Skripchenko

entertainer not a child….

chills the world and lets us breath

in the mask of smile

and the beat of drums

strings are pulled

pins and needles tare their heart apart

sure they earn money …but show me breathing creature

that can’t function with out greens

Entertainers save the world…

with a smile or syringe

They have screw themselves

to no end.

Breathing is an art

And art is breathing…

Take away…the yang

what’s the sense in this kind of world

You are blind if you think that drama is all you need in life

You are blind if your turn your back diamond

In the end the smile makes us breath

and taste the bitter, sour, and explosive of the heat.

Judgment ….i will save for Judgment day…..

man: –noun


an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or awoman.


a member of the species Homo sapiens or all the members ofthis species collectively, without regard to sex: prehistoricman.


the human individual as representing the species, withoutreference to sex; the human race; humankind: Man hopes forpeace, but prepares for war.” (
Posted 19th May 2020 by Yuliya Andreevna Skripchenko
Labels: 21 st century poetry


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