Read Poem: THE MOMENT OF HIS PASSING, by Dannye Williamsen

The moment of your loved one’s passing is surreal.
All the things you wanted to say hang there in that moment.
Tears cloud your thinking. You’re not sure he can hear you.
“I love you” becomes your mantra as you attempt to squeeze
Into those words all you always wanted to say but never did.
You hold him tightly as if you can prevent him from leaving.
As he struggles with his final breaths, your mind slips
Into a strange place. Your world has changed before your eyes.
All you knew would happen but never wanted to acknowledge
Is now impossible to ignore. Your mind falters for a moment.
Then your love for him shakes you loose. You rise to the occasion.
You do the things for your loved one you did every day.
You wash his hair. You shave him. You bathe him.
You kiss him one more time. You give him the dignity he deserves.
Then you call hospice and watch them carry out their duties.
You sit nearby and wonder if he’s still there, watching over you.
You rise and go to him. You touch his body gently, caressing him.
You kiss him one last time as they enter the room with a stretcher.
They lift him gently from the bed and wrap the sheet over him.
Your heart tugs, knowing you will never see him again.
His smile, those eyes in which you swore you could see his soul
Would only be memories and images, pixels for you to cherish.
Then they drape a flag cover over his body as your tears flow.
You weep for your own loss and for all the things he wanted to do still.
He was so much more than he even knew and moved the hearts of many
In ways that can’t be written in an obituary. He was a gentle, kind man.
You wonder if your life can go on without him. Tears come often.
Then you remember how much he believed in you without condition.
It strengthens you and commits you to living your life to the fullest
As you know he would want you to do – to make a new beginning.
He will never be gone. He lives in your heart and in the thoughts you think.
You went through the good times and the bad over the years, but
No matter what, you came out on the other side together.
Even though you’re separated by a veil, it can’t rip away your connection.
He’ll always be there for you, no matter the path your life takes in the future.
He is your best friend, the love of your life. His memory is in your every cell.

©2020 Dannye Williamsen


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