Read Poem: Excuse Me, by TeQuoria Parker

As I’m going up
Your going down

We lock eyes
But you didn’t
Have the Keys 🔑
To Unlock
What I was feelin inside

You look like the same guy who lied 🤥
That always had somethin
To hide

just give this guy
A try (Conscience Speaking)

I’ll be lying to Myself
If I told him
This could work
Now he’s begin to flirt

Excuse Me
I have more important things to do
Then to Waste
My Time……
My Life
My Energy
With approaches
Of a guy
That’s interested
Excuse Me

I’ve invested
In this type
and ended up being
Annoyed 😣

Then I begin to Ignore
What I’ve Been

Won’t be Brave

Excuse Me
I can’t be Save

Excuse Me
Don’t even Wave

Excuse Me
I haven’t Forgave

Excuse Me
I’ve been Betrayed

Excuse Me
I can’t explain

Excuse Me
Let’s just get a Milkshake

I seen this episode
Nd it Always
A Hand Shake

Every Guy
Is A snake
Nd ur name is ??

This is Already
A Mistake

Excuse Me


Author: poetryfest

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