Read Poem: End of Frost, by Anita Estes

I’ve never waited so long for the passing of the last frost,
When seeds can be planted and new life springs forth.
I’ve never waited so eagerly for the passing of the last frost,
keeping the ground from bearing fruit.

I’ve scoured catalogs;
What should I order?
Flower or vegetable?
Beauty or food?

When will the earth give up her cold freeze?
I’ve gazed at flowers from my car window,
looking longingly at hanging baskets.

What can endure a light frost?

Some of the flowers can,
though the more delicate ones cannot.
So I put on my mask and gloves and purchase the hardy plants
They endure, as I must.

In my eagerness, I planted seeds that might just freeze.
After April, who deceivingly smiled at us
with warm sunny days and then
with the dagger of death—

She plunged her freezing cold steel into the earth.
` As the seed planted must die, so must I.

Awaiting the passing of the frost, so life can return to what it once was,
I look out my window.
Just staring at the frosted magnolia blossoms, I hold my breath.
Will they brown and die?

I’ve never waited so long for the last frost to pass.

Waiting in anticipation for planting vegetables and flowers.
Looking upwards to the heavens, no longer asking why,
with hope for the passing of this grey death.

Never to know normal again?
Still the anticipation of embracing loved ones, dangles before me,
with hope,
I await the passing of the last frost.


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