Read Poem: Time, by Ana Downes

Time is an evil thing

The dark and desolate hands of the clock reach out and grab you by the throat

Pulling you farther and farther away from the life you thought you had

The life you enjoyed living blissfully carefree

The life you didn’t cherish enough

Because you were too young to know what would happen

When time curled its tongue

Dripping with sorrow

And exposed its jarring teeth

To bite you

And make you abruptly realize

That it would chase you every single day of your life

Faster and faster as it waits to strike again for the final time

You find out that every moment you experience is temporary

Nothing ever lasts

And it can never last

Because of time

And just before the sand in the hourglass comes to a stop

Only then

Do you realize

How lucky you were

Before the demon found you


Author: poetryfest

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