Read Poem: Senses, by Detelina Stamatova

I see like the sky sees—
Winding rivers, peaks, small bushes, tall trees…
A reality surrounded by all shades of purples and golds,
Humanity held together by unseen yet powerful bonds.
I hear like the mountain hears—
It feels like the air lent me its ears.
I hear echoes of joy and despair,
Emotional struggles we all share.
I feel like the earth feels—
Sharp claws of unappreciation and neglect that sneak in for the kill…
Then deeper… the gentle pull of nurture that ripens and heals.
I taste like the water tastes—
Samples of euphoria and deep sorrow strengthening my ways.
I touch like the world—
In colorful sharp icicles or warm, gentle swirls.
Winter becomes me on its sunniest days and harshest snowy nights;
Fall, spring, and summer follow in my footsteps… feed off of my lows and my highs.
But I see best when I close my eyes that can’t see anyway,
I see the world through a twisted perspective… the way my soul puts it on display.

Detelina Stamatova, Lyrics of The Soul: Heartbeat
All rights reserved
Detelina Stamatova
My Magic Words LLC


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