POETRY Reading: CLARITY, by Arden Lassalle

Performed by Val Cole


If only I could see

with a mind without


what would I see

would I see me

what would I do

would I take a knife

and then take a life

would I see


Would I be


Or are the distractions in our

lives the only thing keeping

us : alive, awake, moving, and Breathing

I Care not to Care

but by not going there

Am I impaired?

a Pair of pears

leafy limbs, barky trunk.

dangling tucked


the two

Their branches Bonded



Bonds of time

simple as a pear

unravel when we Sleep

we escape

Reality when we sleep

Why steep in sleep

Revel in a bottle

waggle and wiggle

giddily giggle

Your awake,


Your senses to sleep

Don’t Be Weak

Don’t Sleep

Keep to your feet

Drink and you can

Sleep Then


I forgot if it was




Is any of it?

Worth anything?

at all?

Author: poetryfest

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