Read Poem: A HIDDEN HISTORY, by Dale Guy Madison

I tell U,
The history of our people
Lead us to beautifully colored rainbow lands
But we should never forget where we started
So I take U on the journey tossing away all your stereotypes

Classical artists from Harlem Renaissance tell our story in hidden messages
And oh how they did it
They would tease the listeners

Who think we’ve got it all figured out
I mean whichever side of the sexual tracks U grew up on
It really doesn’t matter
Whether U top / bottom
Or play it straight

We all share an aching need to be blissfully lost,
Lost in the magic of their words
From James Baldwin to E. Lynn Harris
We trust when time right
U will lead us home-

From Langston Hughes to Essex Hemphill
We trust when time right
U will lead us home-

From Zora Neal Hurston to Audre Lorde
We trust when time right
U will lead us home-
We trust U…
Langston Hughes
Countee Cullen
Bruce Nugent
Zora Neal Hurston
James Baldwin
Audre Lorde
Essex Hemphill
Joseph Beam
Assotto Saint
Marlon Riggs
Isaac Julien
Bayard Rustin
E. Lynn Harris
all the talented tenth in between

Dale Guy Madison
twitter & instagram @damngoodman


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