Read Poem: Following the Shepherds, by Daniel Feldman

He always was the sheep,
Dangling from their hands.
He never felt complete
While waiting for commands.

He holds his rifle tight
Praying for his friends.
He knows they won’t survive,
The battle never ends.

He washes off the blood
Dribbling down his cheek.
He is not really there;
His mind’s trapped in last week.

He keeps that dreadful day
Revolving in his brain.
He cannot block the thoughts;
He’ll never be the same.

He recollects the crash
Burrowing through his ears.
He tries to shut it out;
Their screams are all he hears.

While two of them laid still,
The others squirmed around.
Unscathed yet befuddled,
He scrambled to the ground.

The screams turned to silence,
Tearing away his fears.
While sprawling to his men,
The soldier shed no tears.

Their lives were at his feet,
They huddled from the pain.
He could not dress their wounds,
His men would die in vain.

Now he gazes forward,
Vacant and unaware,
Recycling the moment,
When he was in despair.

Called from active duty,
They honored his control,
Promoting his function,
With power to extol.

He then became the shepherd,
Bestowing the commands.
Who to send to slaughter?
The next victim in his hands.


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